About Us

Why We Do What We Do 

(Mission Statement)

My goal is to spread the love of collecting and to make believers in each of us by returning our minds to a childhood innocence where super heroes are real - and someday we too can join their ranks.  


What's In a Name, Anyway?

(True Story Behind The Name)

I have always been a lover of movies, probably because I started working in a video store at a very young age. As such, I have always connected with people who share this similar passion. While serving in the Military, a group of my friends and I started referring to difficult situations or problems we didn't know how to solve as doing "whatever it takes."

Because, we often (probably more than often) quoted movies, we remembered one particular movie where the main character had no clue what to do, but was willing to do whatever it takes. In the 1983 movie "Mr. Mom" Michael Keaton's character was renovating a room in the house and in an effort to impress his wife's boss, Keaton was explaining the electrical wiring in the room. The boss, asked Keaton if he was going to use 220-volt electrical. Keaton had no clue, but replied "yeah two twenty, two twenty-one, whatever it takes." 

This became the running joke. When faced with a difficult situation to which we may not have all the answers we would say "Two Twenty-One or Whatever it Takes." Because that is sometimes how you have to handle situations, with whatever it takes, despite not knowing or having all the answers. To me, Two Twenty-One means just that, "whatever it takes," and that is how I try to handle things in my life, always move forward, never giving up, constantly learning, growing and doing...."whatever it takes." 

Who We Are

(Person with Many Hats)

I'm Joe. I'm the Owner, Operator, Shipping Clerk, Salesman, Accountant, Customer Service Agent and much more. As of late 2020 Two Twenty-One is a one person show. What started as a hobby long ago grew into a passion for the culture and, as of late, has quickly boomed into a fast growing company.

Special Thanks

(No One Can Do It Alone)
Tracy Aldridge - My wife of 13 years has been with me through thick and thin. She not only puts up with my crazy ideas and ventures, but she supports me by keeping this family going on a daily basis. I was once told that behind every good man is a better woman, this is certainly true here. Even though when I asked you to marry me, you said "no" 14 times (exaggeration and the "no" was out of shock), I thank God everyday you said "yes" on the 15th answer. Tracy ,Meine Liebe, I cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have shown through it all, I love you!
Bill Aldridge - My Father passed away on 12/21/19 and I miss him greatly; however, I am blessed to have spent the last few weeks of his life with him. Early in my life, he taught me the value of customer service. I started working in his video store when I was 12. I didn't understand then, but I do now, the lessons I was learning; why he didn't want people sitting on the job or talking on the phone in front of customers--the importance of customer service and perception. It all makes sense now. Thank you, Dad, for all you did for me, rest in peace; I love you!
Todd McFarlane - It was just before my 12th birthday and Spawn was released. I had just gotten into collecting; I remember my local comic shop praising the work behind spawn. Spawn was my first #1 book I purchased (which I still have today). Aside from the comic, Todd sets a great example with the love of his fans and the passion for his company. Thank you Todd for creating such a captivating piece with fantastic art that a young Joe could spend hours looking at and enjoying!
Gary Mui - When I first started selling on FB Live Gary was one of my first customers and has been along side me ever since. He also helped introduce me to Dave Sanchez (listed below) and helped secure my first exclusive cover with Boom. Gary has been an excellent source of honest feedback and great ideas. Thank you, Gary for the support you have shown!
David Sanchez - Gary introduced me to Dave and I instantly loved his art work. We (Gary, Dave and I) quickly worked to secure an exclusive cover with Boom. Dave's art work speaks for itself and I cannot wait to do more exclusives with him. Thank you, Dave for working with me and allowing me the opportunity to showcase your work on our first exclusive cover!
David McConnehey - Dave does Graphic Design in his spare time (which isn't much), he offered to make me a logo and after a few iterations we arrived at the logo you see today. I am very appreciative of the support he has shown and the willingness to create such a great logo given his busy schedule. Thank you, Dave!
John Coakley and Mike Dempsey - Two of the best guys I had the honor of serving with and although we didn't always see eye-to-eye I knew they both had my back. The late nights and crazy times at the National Training Center (NTC) is what spawned the phrase "Two Twenty-One, Whatever it Takes." Thanks for everything, guys!
FB Live Customers - There are many customers that have been with me since early on. I would like to personally thank a few: Keith Risener, Brent Baily, Maxwell Davis, LeDeana (Mike) Gaudet and many, many more. 


 Last updated: 1/8/2021